Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A Single Word

A few weeks ago I made it official.  I chose my word for 2014.  I was not looking for a word when this happened.  The word Grace has been an ever present word in my life the last month or so.  I realize it is not something that comes easy for me.  It is not something I easily give myself or others at all.  That seems so odd because all that it encompasses is the exact opposite of me allowing it in.  All the more reason for this word to have actually chosen me for 2014.

When I think of Grace I think of...
Finding Beauty 
Being content in the present.
Less judgement
Listening and actually HEARING with my heart.
Letting go with love.
Embracing change
Taking time to act on my good intentions.

These are all things I struggle with tremendously.  First regarding how I feel about myself and in turn the way it all plays out in my life with family and friends.  For whatever reason it has been as clear as possible the last few weeks. 

I guess that this is a resolution even though I like to say I don't do resolutions.  I plan to love, embace and accept the changes that finding GRACE will bring into my life. 
Here's to really letting go of 2013 and finding the heart in myself to allow all that is good to fill me up.